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dig·ni·ty – the state or quality of being worthy of honor & respect. Who has the right to take that away from someone? No one does. Style for dig·ni·ty is a social justice movement planning events to support social causes.

Social justice is defined as "... promoting a just society by challenging injustice and valuing diversity." It exists when "all people share a common humanity and therefore have a right to equitable treatment, support for their human rights, and a fair allocation of community resources." In conditions of social justice, people are "not be discriminated against, nor their welfare and well-being constrained or prejudiced on the basis of gender, sexuality, religion, political affiliations, age, race, belief, disability, location, social class, socioeconomic circumstances, or other characteristic of background or group membership" (Toowoomba Catholic Education, 2006). -- Matthew Robinson, PhD

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#StopTheViolence #SolveTheViolence #DomesticViolenceAwareness

About the The Children & Families of Iowa Domestic Violence Services

The Children & Families of Iowa Domestic Violence Services, a nonprofit that helps adults and children cope with the trauma of domestic violence through various programs and services.

Benefactor for 2015 Charity Hair and Fashion Show


About the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence seeks to engage all people in a movement to change the social and political systems that perpetuate violence against women. We do this through education, advocacy and quality services.

Benefactor for 2015 Charity Hair and Fashion Show

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#TheEmptyChair #SexualAbuse

About the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault

The Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault (IowaCASA) is a private nonprofit organization. Our mission is to unite people and organizations to promote a society free from sexual violence and meet the diverse needs of survivors. IowaCASA provides crucial resources, support, training, and assistance to more than 20 member programs in Iowa. Rape crisis centers, emergency sheltering programs, culturally specific programs, and agencies that work with survivors of both sexual and domestic violence make up many of our member programs. Advocates of these programs offer holistic healing and support to survivors during a difficult time. Our priority is always the survivor.

Benefactor for 2015 Charity Hair and Fashion Show

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Poverty and Economic Injustice

“Our life of poverty is as necessary as the work itself. Only in heaven will we see how much we owe to the poor for helping us to love God better because of them.” –Mother Teresa.


#antibullying #stopbullying #wearbluecampaign #dontbelievethelies #bullying


“It takes great courage to open one’s heart and mind to the tremendous injustice and suffering in our world.” ― Vincent A. Gallagher, The True Cost of Low Prices: The Violence of Globalization

Gender Un-Equality

Senior Center Outreach

“A young child is a leader to an elderly person once his purpose has a faithful, sincere and trustworthy influence on people. Leadership is not restricted to position and age; it is self-made and influential. Everyone has this self-leadership quality.” ― Israelmore Ayivor

Army Widows

Orphans & Child Welfare

Sex Trafficking



Mental Health


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Style for dig·ni·ty needs a number of volunteers and leaders to support the events including roles like MC, public relations, social media management, models, dancers, artists, copywriters, web developers, designers, guest relations, and business development. Interested in volunteering for Style for dig·ni·ty? Email info@stylefordignity.com

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Vendors at style for dig·ni·ty events bring hope to the community while building their reputation. Style for dig·ni·ty offers a variety of options to get involved from donations to markeitng opportunities. Interested in marketing your business or company at a Style for dig·ni·ty event? Email vendors@stylefordignity.com

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To become a style for dig·ni·ty charity, the non-profit must be registered within the U.S.A. with a Tax Identification Number, and support a cause related to social justice (e.g. anti-bullying, domestic violence, and sexual assault). Interested in becoming a style for dig·ni·ty charity? Email info@stylefordignity.com

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2015 is the first Dig·ni·ty charity event to raise awareness for domestic violence. #StopDomesticViolence #StyleforDignity

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